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Fic: 14 Months

Title: 14 Months
Author: urbaninja
Rating: PG (Minimal language)
Pairings: None really.
Summery: Church adjusts to life on his own, away from Blue Base. Should be easy, right? Takes place inbetween Blood Gulch Chronicles Season 5 and Reconstruction. That 14 month period where Church was on his own.
Slight Spoilers for Blood Gulch Chronicles. There's not much else to say other than this popped into my head yesterday and I needed to write it and then felt it was good enough to share. I hope that you enjoy it. < linked to my journal for neatness.

Episode 5

Just a reminder that ep. 5 of season 9 comes out tonight! Remember, the mods will post a reaction post and then a follow up discussion post (for those who want more than just reaction spam).

The posts will go up at 7pm central (I think), or whenever the episode is released for sponsors.

See you guys tonight!
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Fanfiction: It Can Be A Bad Thing

BIT OF AN EXPLANATION (brief Reconstruction spoilers ahead):

So, Burnie confirmed in a podcast (not sure how many people listen to the Shizno so I'll briefly relay this here) that Sigma, the AI representing creativity, was assigned to Maine. He also explained that it was Sigma's idea to gather up all the fragments, with the idea that it itself could become a new Alpha if all were collected. Of course, we never got to see if that was true, but the idea of that much creativity causing so much havoc was and still is so fascinating to me.

So, that in mind, I felt like writing a fic from Sigma's POV more or less, illustrating its gradual fall into rampancy as it obsessed over finding the fragments.

TITLE: It Can Be A Bad Thing
CHARACTERS: Sigma, with a tiny bit of Maine
RATING: PG, just for some swearing.
SUMMARY/WARNINGS: A small one shot depicting Sigma's fall into rampancy, and how it took Maine with it. It gets a little craycray formatting wise, so prep for that.

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Ravenclaw - irony &amp; sarcasm

It's not as fun as it sounds (RvB fic)

I hope it's cool if I post this here! :D
Also, I'm not sure what to tag it with, so I'll just leave it blank for now.

Title: It's not as fun as it sounds
Rating: 14+
Characters: Grif, Donut, Simmons
Warnings: Small amounts of profanity.
Summary: Grif sneaks into the base in order to get out of doing work, only to get sucked into Donut's daily wine and cheese hour.

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Hey guys, I'm Mary and I just want to make a big official WE'RE OPEN post for this community. If you need any information on this community - any at all - you can probably find it in the profile.

Membership is open, so go ahead and join if you want, and start posting whatever.

So yeah.

We're open!


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